Audio Fiction Sunday 14th March 2021

Personal Highlights

Lost Terminal, 3.10 – I can’t care for Alexander. The season three finale, and I have to say, it didn’t go how I expected! Seth realises he can’t help Alexander or Maddie, and his realisation that he can’t help with some things is a big difference to earlier on in the season. IVAN’s existence has also improved, and he’s now making a positive difference in the world. It’s great to hear that he receives ‘many messages’ from what we used to think was a deserted world in season one. Ally’s arc from this season has also concluded, the harvest has been saved, and Seth talks to Antarctica about it too. There’s a throw-away comment from Seth about how he was a “very over-engineered thermostat” which I was surprised at, as it shows much more self-awareness than we usually see – another indication that the merging with Seth Prime, his copy, has had positive effects. I have to admit, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop by about half-way through the episode, due to how the previous two seasons had ended; but on the whole, it was a mostly positive, and very satisfying season finale. The fourth season is due to start on the 5th April, with the promise of new characters and new locations.

The White Vault, Episode 4.10 – Reroute. I was initially surprised that anybody made it all the way down from the mountain, to be honest – I’d been waiting for the worst to happen pretty much all season! In this season finale, all the ends for the whole series are feeling like they’re starting to come together; a much bigger picture is emerging which has wider global effects, and a final goal for the Base Camp Piedra rescue team is established. Of course, this isn’t without conflict, given how much the team knows that they’re risking. Travel may not be advised, but this is exactly what they’re doing again, going back to where the story began, setting up the fifth and final season (due to start in October) nicely, with everything feeling like it’s coming round in a circle.

The Courtship of Mona Mae, S1EP2 – Love is Simple. The second episode of a new historical drama by the creator of Harlem Queen, set in 1870s America. We follow Mona Mae’s journey to the West with Zekial, as she tries to start rebuilding her life again. Of course, it’s not a straightforward journey, as Mona and Zekial get drawn into a bar brawl, but what happens is not what you might expect from the genre as a whole. But then again, with a Black woman as our protagonist, this is nothing like your typical Western. The title of the episode refers to a couple of conversations between Mona and Zekial, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the dynamic between the two develops – especially after that final scene!

The Magnus Archives, MAG 198 – Precepice. In an episode which feels like a slight breather between the revelations of the last couple of episodes, and the final two episodes of the entire series, we follow the trip back to London – and come across some unsubtle nightmare geography. But even in the middle of this apocalyptic hellscape, there are still some brief moments of respite with snarky comments between the Jon, Martin, and Basira. I really enjoyed their dynamic, and I particularly enjoyed Basira’s ‘why didn’t you go before we got on the bus??’ moment. That option of Annabelle’s sounds ominous indeed, Georgie, but I’m glad there’s the potential for two more survivors to help carry out this final plan.

Ochenta Stories, Zone A. Episodes or shows about the pandemic aren’t always the easiest things to listen to, but wanting to take the opportunity to exercise my language skills, I decided to listen to this week’s Ochenta Stories episode, which was originally written in Italian. I found a heartwarming story of finding friendship, love, and a home against the odds; centered around a film set, and the narrator’s 40 day stay in a hotel in order to be able to work on the production. I found it a timely reminder to try and find the positive in each day, when we have to isolate away from societ and our loved ones.

The Milkman of St Gaff’s, 11 – Confession. After a brief unscheduled hiatus due to the current state of everything, I was glad to see the return of The Milkman of St Gaff’s. Howie reflects on his time on the island so far, with the jarring contrast between the time he spends with his girlfriend, Stormy, and how he imagines their future together; and the sinister side to his experiences as a milkman. It’s been a gradual and intriguing unveiling of the milkmen’s true purpose, and even though Howie faces up to reality in this episode more than he usually does, he still refuses to properly process the truth about his experiences, wanting instead to focus on the positives of life with Stormy; and so we still don’t see the full picture of what exactly is going on. More details about the organisation and their plans are unveiled as he comes face to face with an ultimatum at the end of the episode – with a very interesting question.


Gather the Suspects, Ep 101 – Bored to Death. Officially launched on March 8th, Gather the Suspects is set in Wales, during a boring apocalypse, and in this first episode we’re introduced to some of the residents who live in Prosperity Heights. There are casual glimpses of what’s going on in the world outside: there’s a war, Wales has separated from England, the citizens of England and the US are blocked from using the Internet, and half of all the employed people in Wales work in a call centre. But the mundanity of this strange apocalypse is broken when a body is found.


Bronzeville, a series focusing on the lottery players and the African American community of Bronzeville in Chicago in the 1940s, released a preview featuring clips of their upcoming second season, due to launch on March 16th.


Folxlore launched their first full season, after the three pilot episodes that were released in February 2020. The setting is the Glasgow underground, an unused station, and we meet a group of ghosthunters. There are several ghostly stories associated with this old, unfinished, station, and they want to check it out. One of the group, Danny talks to spirits, and starts off by doing a tarot reading. There’s some really great and atmospheric sound design (which comes as no surprise, with Tin Can Audio’s David Devereux behind the sound design for the series), which combined with the rhythm of the dialogue – especially towards the end of the episode – really ramps the creepiness up to 11. The very end gave me goosebumps!

The Call of the Void returned with a great start to the second season of this supernatural mystery set in and around New Orleans. Life seems to have moved on for Topher and Simone, as we see Simone giving an academic lecture; but when we meet Etsy again it’s established that there are more deaths being reported in New Orleans than usual. Something’s definitely up, and Topher and Simone are concerned that it’s a familiar something. Those were definitely some …vivid sound effects huh. One of the aspects of the show I really enjoy is the insight into New Orleans’ culture and traditions, how that comes across not only through dialogue but also the sound design; in this episode, creating a vivid and lively picture of the atmosphere in the streets.

Casting Calls

The Secret of St Kilda is an upcoming supernatural horror, set on the Scottish island of St Kilda. Casting is currently open for three roles, the deadline is March 31st.

Other News

Rusty Quill are running a fanart competition, with three merch packs for each of their shows up for grabs. Deadline March 28th.

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