Audio Fiction Sunday 17th January 2021

Personal Highlights

Hubris, 1.2 – Exit, Pursued by a Ghost. I’ve talked before about how ghosts are often very human in fiction podcasts, and this episode is no exception. It’s also not a surprise to see that Caroline Mincks was part of the group behind this episode! This 24 hour project’s Group 2 episode features two ghosts of actors, who got assigned to a theatre after their death – and who enjoy disturbing rehearsals, especially when it’s Macbeth! An understudy is struggling to learn their lines, and in a heart-warming twist, the two ghosts decide to help them out. I loved Trace Callahan’s Shakespearean music!

The Amelia Project, Episode 33 – Alvina. Here we have Alvina’s long-awaited backstory! We’ve known that she started working with The Amelia Project on Valentine’s Day, but the rest of her past was very much a mystery. In this flashback, we find her living on a tiny island, off the coast of Cornwall, and I very much had a “what??” moment when she introduced herself! She’s looking to fake someone else’s death – a man who’s already dead – and Amelia flies out to meet her. It’s not the backstory I was imagining, but as the story goes on, it starts to make perfect sense as to why Alvina ended up working for The Amelia Project. And there’s quite the revelation in the epilogue! The next part of season is due to be released on the 12th of April.

Aishi Online, Episode 28 – Destiny. MJ’s preoccupation at the beginning of the episode stems from superstition- it’s the thirteenth episode in the season. There’s a discussion about the structure of the show itself, as in her fantasy story – unnamed, as she points out, like many of the characters in it – birth comes next; and it’d be associated with an unlucky number. There are little snippets of thoughts about the GiftedDuckling, and how she cared for her, but the focus is on the fantasy story. There’s also a jump forward to the present day with talk about therapy. The episode ends on an ominous note with the fantasy story.

Seen and Not Heard, Best Day Ever. There’s a lot of growth in this episode, and also positive callbacks to Bet’s past. There’s a very tender opening scene, a peaceful moment with Bet’s parents; and then she runs into an old friend while at a restaurant with David. Ivy, a friend from school, knows that Bet has lost her hearing, and is enthusiastic about learning ASL. While at work, Bet happens to see a TV interview, with a deaf artist and their interpreter. Kit, the artist, is holding an exhibition, and Bet buys tickets for it. This is the best day ever from the episode title, Bet is excited and energised, and it’s wonderful to see her so happy. I see you, Pride and Prejudice mention! The last scene is a beautiful contrast to the show’s first prologue, with Bet, her sister Sarah, and David all going to one of Bet’s sign classes. Not only does Bet have support from people close to her, but she’s clearly much more comfortable in the class than when we first saw her; and this growth is really heartwarming. But what’s going on with David?

Lost Terminal, 2.3 – I think I’m missing some memories. Seth has realised that there are details from Station 6 are missing from his memories, and he has to find the data. He talks about a dream he had, where he was in a desert, and he heard a voice which had a strange effect on him, but doesn’t know who that voice is. There’s a big surprise in this episode – he’s actually spoken to the person behind the signal coming from somewhere around the Alps! He used to hear that signal when he was in Station 6, but now he knows who’s behind it. It’s another interesting insight to this future world, though there’s a lot of concerning information. We hear Seth glitching again, like we did last episode – this time when he sends a message to Antarctica. This time it’s clearer, it sounds like a snippet of a previous broadcast, from when he was still at Station 6. This didn’t happen when he was in the lighthouse, does this have something to do with his missing memories, or Ivan using too much power? Or both?

Witchever Path, Catamount Finale – Yes, but… The sixth and final part of the Catamount arc. The choices made by the audience have led to an explosive conclusion to the story, and one that comes with some grave consequences. Threads are tied up, and the truth behind the supernatural threat to Catamount comes out, as Marisol and Ila come face to face with one half of the couple behind it. I’m glad that Marisol got a happy ending after everything, and a chance for a new start.

Hughes and Mincks: Ghost Detectives, Minisode 7 – Ghost Detected. Hughes and Mincks minisodes are always good fun, there are puns and food crimes, and there’s always such great banter between the two of them. I especially loved “Ghostie vibe checker”! But that ending? Excuse me?? I have SO many questions.


Dreambound – okay, this technically isn’t debut, but the show’s second episode, A Queer Ally, is the first episode after Dreambound’s successful crowdfunding campaign. In episode one, Jesse tries out Dreambound, a much-hyped new VR fantasy video game, but one of the conditions of his friend getting him a copy of it is that his character has to be a little girl. After playing the game for a few hours, when Jesse tries to log off, he discovers that he can’t. He’s stuck in the game. In this episode, his quest turns into a real-life battle for survival, and he has the worrying realisation of not knowing who to trust in the game.

Maeryse’s Wandering Library – Maeryse is a travelling librarian and gardener, in a dystopian, solarpunk future. This teaser episode opens with Maeryse talking on her radio, trying to reach people, asking if there’s anyone in need of a book. When she continues travelling, she picks up a hitchhiker, and reads him a story.

Creep – The first full episode of the show was released, following the prologue a couple of weeks ago. Miami has a case involving a painting heist, and has three weeks to figure out what to do. The unnamed woman from the prologue, who originally brought him the case, has somehow broken into his home – it’s all very mysterious!

Trailers and Prologues

Midst, one of my favourite debuts from 2020, released a teaser for their second season, which is due to return in July. The narrators pose a series of questions, and they leave with a cryptic statement at the end.


The Pasithea Powder returned for their second season, with episode 12, Over to You. Following the events of the end of the first season, we go into the second season with a different narrative format – Jane and Sophie are speaking to other people, and not each other. And everyone is talking about Jane and Pasithea Powder.

The Magnus Archives returned for the third and final part of their final season, following a short hiatus. The episode does not begin with Jon and Martin – but there is, of course, a tape recorder. Following on from the trailer, we meet three people who have been rescued from the nightmares, and are now in hiding in the tunnels under the Magnus Institute – rescued by the two other survivors whom we met at the end of the previous episode.

Casting Calls

Atypical Artists are casting for an upcoming mystery show, titled Maxine Miles.

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