Audio Fiction Sunday 6th December 2020

Personal Highlights

Unseen, Episode 6 – The Fire in the Sky. Oh, it’s so difficult not to spoil this because that reveal at the end was so awesome, but this episode gives us a very different perspective into the unseen world. Another difference was that all the other episodes that have been released so far have been rooted in the present, or at least, they deal with events from the recent past; and in this one we’re told a story that goes back many, many years. I found how much the world had changed was fascinating, and I can’t help but wonder if we’ll see more of this past in any of the remaining episodes.

Aishi Online, Episode 25 – Mothers. There’s much more of an open discussion about MJ’s family in this episode than we’ve seen in any of the show up to this point, and it focuses in particular, as the episode’s title suggests, on her mother. There are some heartbreaking details, as MJ talks about her mother’s past, and the environment in her family’s home when she was growing up. This show has evolved so much since it first started, we’re now getting a real sense of what MJ was trying to escape from when she spent her time online, throwing herself into games, forums, and stories.

Lost Terminal, 2.9 – I must go. The penultimate episode of season two, and Seth has made a decision – he’s going to live in the bunker Maddy recently explored. In an emotional episode, Seth (through Maddy) hears radio transmissions from Earth and space for the first time since his arrival on Earth, and this includes the mysterious voice from the Alps. Seth is finally connected, as he was back on Station 6, and his world opens back up. A revelation at the end of the episode changes Seth’s, and our, perspectives of this entire season.

The Path Down, S1E4 – Down Under. Vanessa crosses a line with her old friend, Lucero, by telling them what they can read in their mind. There’s also a really interesting description of another supernatural power, that comes in handy in winter! I had huge flashbacks to my time university, revising for an exam on Dante’s Divine Comedy, so I definitely appreciated Vanessa talking through some of the themes in Inferno!

The Mountain’s Heart, Panic.mp3. Felisa is in a panic – her mum phoned her professor after going through her phone. Details slowly come out, in a jumbled order, as to what happened to end up at that point – Felisa went missing on the mountain. But Felisa isn’t telling us everything, in her panic, but we’re able to figure out that something big happened when she went up on the mountain. But what exactly happened to made her go missing? And what was that voice she heard?

Oblivity, A Black Hole is for Life, not Just for Llama Day. Last year’s Kickstarter festival special was released on Oblivity’s public feed, and Base Persephone is getting ready for Llama day. Conflicting Llama Day traditions create rivalries – the Llama Day cactus has to be decorated in the right way, of course! – and the team try to make sure they have appropriate gifts for the base’s Classified Llama. Bernie being Bernie, creates a black hole, which obviously disappears a whole bunch of stuff. Lowell, naturally, loves it.

Dos: After You, 17 – Her. Deck may be closing in on Sil now that he’s arrived in London, but the gods are also closing in on Deck, and here we have an episode with Bre and Death. We’ve been following Deck on his own for a while, now, but here we see the other side of the coin. Bre appeared right at the end of the previous episode, and we see what the consequences are of Sil’s siblings following Deck around London.

We Know None, 08 – Delightful Revelations. (Note: I play Helen in We Know None.) The story has really taken a twist, and I’m really enjoying the weird and unexpected revelations in this episode, as well as the previous one. Our suspicions from the previous episode are confirmed, and my stomach dropped when they were. Gwen is getting closer to finding Frankie, but in this very weird place, the mystery has not been solved.

Me and AU, 11 – Signaling. The shipping intensifies every time I listen to a new episode. countdown on to Kate’s trip to Toronto, with only 16 days to go now. In this episode, we don’t see Ella at all, instead, Kate’s at work – and trying to write some fic before work! During a suspiciously strange moment of downtime, Kate’s colleague comes out to her, thinking that Kate was talking about her girlfriend when she was talking about Ella, trying to signal that she was gay. This leads to a lot of nervous laughing from Kate!

Hughes and Mincks: Ghost Detectives, Minisode 6 – Hughes and Mincks: Ghost Detectives: the Podcast: Episode One: Q&A. I love how fun Hughes and Mincks is, and this episode is an in-character Q&A. Hughes starts with a Whole Thing about soup right from the first question, which very much sets the tone for the rest of the episode. But there’s an interesting bit of backstory with how Hughes and Mincks met, and more insight into other cases and the ghosts they’ve met though their work.

Y2K, Episode 49 – December 1-10, 2000. (Note: I play Emma in Y2K) In a very tough voicemail from Kat, we hear Johnno breaking up with her, after she arranges to go and visit Jess in New Zealand. In 2020, Olivia is arranging to meet her bio dad Mike in person in Australia. We’re now in the final month of the show’s first season, and Olivia has also realised that the voicemails from Jess and Kat finish at the end of 2020.

Paired, S3E8 – Quarterly Check-In. Oh, I love the episodes with Dr Toretto, that’s where Pairy’s chaotic energy really comes out – their familiarity and energy bounce off each other. I loved that Dr Toretto had given Pairy a fancy new bejewelled and bestickered casing, and Pairy’s fascination with a job in a shoe shop was so great. The point of the episode is a quarterly check-in with Pairy, and it’s interesting to see how she’s developing after returning to people she’d previously spoken to in the past.


Red Valley launched their While You Were Hypersleeping miniseries. Set between season one and 2, we find Gordon on his own, going round the Red Valley station, and he finds audio logs from the last test subjects.

Tides is back for its second season! We find Fred, still stuck on Fons, and more specifically, on an island on Fons. There have been some interesting developments, that Fred hasn’t told the crew about. I loved hearing ‘snaliens’ again, and I’d forgotten just how relatable Fred was!

Stella Firma. Rusty Quill’s improvised sci-fi comedy returns for its third season. There’s another change of location this season, as David 7 is now running a very successful cafeteria, and unsurprisingly Trexel isn’t happy about this.

Other News

WiFiSciFi is today! After the in-person event had to be cancelled back in April, WiFiSciFi is streaming live today at 7pm GMT (2pm EST, 11am PST). The event will include new episodes from: Oz 9, A Ninth World Journal, Witchever Path, Girl in Space, Relativity, and Moonbase Theta, Out. Tickets are $10, available here.

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