Audio Fiction Sunday 1st November

Personal highlights

The Dungeon Economic Model, A Dungeon Economic Model Halloween. As the title of the episode suggests, it’s DEC’s Halloween episode, and it also features Gil from Middle:Below (another Tin Can Audio show). I loved the background voices, and Gil’s reactions!

Fireside Folktales, S1E6 – Whispering: Epilogue. There’s a ceremony, in which the now Persephone’s powers are twined with both the Realm of the Dead, and the Realm of the Living. A beautiful episode wrapping up season one’s story of Kore and the Greek gods.

Meteor City, Finale – Make It Through. My jaw was on the floor during the credits! The tension slowly builds during this season finale, leading to a shocking cliffhanger.

Circles, Episode 4, Ukobach. The season finale, and such a great ending to the story. It’s such a tense episode, with all the events of the last three episodes, and all the characters coming together to defeat the demon Ukobach.

We Fix Space Junk, S03E08 – The Reviewer. Another season finale! We’re reunited with a character from way back in season one – nice mention of that planet in the previous episode! It was a really interesting, but really great way of dealing with mental health in a positive way. There was also a great and very meta Sponsor Bot segment, yes we do love you Sponsor Bot!

The Amelia Project, Episode 28 – Todd. Cue me being smug about being able to understand the Italian again! I didn’t know just how much I wanted an Amelia car chase through London until this episode. It was amazing. I loved seeing Amelia herself conduct a consultation with a new client, and in such unusual circumstances.

The Orphans, The Craetor: Halloween Special. Written and read by James Barbarossa, the voice of GeoFFRy and the show’s composer, this is a tale straight from the mythical Creator – the man who created the clones. There are some revelations in this episode, y’all.

Lost Terminal, 2.4 – I’m going outside. Preparations are being made for Maddie to go outside, and Seth sees a real life flower for the first time ever. This gradual expansion of Seth’s world is fascinating, as he slowly gains insight into life on Earth, through his, and others’ experiences.

Dining In The Void, 2×02 – Take a Look Through Time. After an explosive start to the season, this is a more introspective episode, focusing on the past and memories and the effect they have on the present; with Katie Belle and Waverly talking about their pasts, and what they lost. There are also other memories which are unlocked.

The White Vault, Episode 4.02 – Arrivals. Oh nope nope nope I do not like that last part of the episode. The pieces continue to come together, in fascinating and horrifying ways; and in other ways the mystery continues to deepen and expand in unexpected ways.

Death by Dying, Tales from Crestfall: Whispers from the Quarry. Tales from Crestfall feature stories that focus on town residents other than the Obituary Writer; and this time it’s Violet, a teenager who has recently lost her mum. There’s a night-time game of marbles, which leads to things going very wrong. But there’s a hopeful ending, as it’s a story about forgiveness.

We Know None, 03 – Accusations (Note: I will be appearing in this show later in the season). As someone who’s spent this last year watching a whole bunch of dead mall videos, an abandoned cursed shopping centre is such a specific subsection of my interests. Gwen is frustrated at the lack of progress and clues as to where Frankie’s gone, and the recording she plays is of no help.

Light Hearts, Minisode: Halloween. Janine is organising a Halloween party at Prism. She has to make sure folks’ costumes don’t upset the building’s ghosts, who, as it turns out, only want to help.

Solutions to Problems, Episode 29 – Into The Deep Blue Screen I Go. Melody shutting down for updates and wanting to say goodbye reminds me why I’m so nervous about installing updates on any of my devices. There are some really interesting reflections on alternate realities and fiction, and the station has to deal with intruders without Melody’s help.

Hughes and Mincks: Ghost Detectives, Unfun Unfair. Of course HM:GD had to do a Halloween special and I’m absolutely here for it. Hughes and Mincks have very different experiences at a haunted house, and I loved how the scenes switched between them. Oh, and that reference was awesome.


Unseen. Wolf 359 was my first audio fiction love, so I was extremely excited about a new show from Wolf’s creative team. We meet Harry, who works in a shop in London that nobody notices. An episode that’s heartwarming, poignant, and surprising in the best way. I know I’m going to be sitting with that ending for a long time.

It Came From The Parking Lot is a four part comedy horror for Halloween. Monsters and cryptids attend Dracula’s annual Halloween party, but they have to deal with an unwanted guest.

The Sink: A Sleep Aid. A surreal comedy horror available on BBC Sounds. The premise of this show is that your dreams are played back to you, in order to rinse your head clean. Fascinating and intriguing, I can’t wait for the next episode!

Primordial Deep‘s first episode was released on Halloween, after a prologue came out on the previous Sunday. Marine biologist Dr Marella Morgan meets a strange individual who introduces her to a startling discovery.

Trailers and Prologues

Moonbase Theta, Out (Note: I play Reception Bot in season three). The first of three prologues leading up to the first full episode of season three, and it picks up from the end of season one and two’s timeline. Roger and Tumnus are alone, with everyone else on the base now in stasis, and Roger makes some surprising discoveries about Tumnus.

Void released a preview its second season, ahead of its release on November 10th, and it features clips from this upcoming season. I’m really excited about the continuation of the story, after where the first season ended.

Tides. I was so excited to see a trailer for the upcoming second season of Tides, which returns on November 30th. I can’t wait to see what happens!

Black Friday also released a trailer for their upcoming season, which of course, returns on Black Friday, November 27th.

Hi Nay is a new supernatural podcast, following Filipina immigrant Mari Datuin in Toronto. The season one trailer was released on Halloween, ahead of episode one on November 14th.


Temporal Light. This is the beginning of what the show creator calls season 1.5. Zaneta has escaped, and is recording on the road – on a mission to recover her real self.

Casting Calls

The Pasithea Powder is casting for episodes 1-3 of season two. Deadline November 15th.


Good Pointe Podcasts‘s crowdfunding campaign for their new show, Two Flat Earthers Kidnap a Freemason, is running for just one more day.

Fireside Folktales has just launched a crowdfunding campaign for their second season, The Target.

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