Audio Fiction Sunday 25th October 2020

Personal highlights

Shifts, Rumble. The season one finale. Ha, I see what you did there with the episode title! My eyes were just basically as wide as saucers for the entire episode, what a way to end the season! I have so many questions!

Aishi Online, Episode 22 – Approach – I find MJ’s reflections on the pandemic comforting, and how she’s been coping with it. Wanting to reconnect with people from her past. Even though the show debuted just over a year ago, for me this season very much feels like a story of 2020, with its introspective look and trying to understand the past. There are more details about her time on Symbolic Myst, and with the theme of reconnecting and looking for people from her past, she wonders how the GiftedDuckling is doing.

Circles, Episode 3 – Scott. In a flashback episode, we see the preparations that have led up to the events we saw in the first two episodes, and what Scott says is his profession comes at a surprise. There’s a shocking revelation that provides some insight into the previous episode.

Lost Terminal, 2.3 – I’m not as well as I’d like. Seth is learning about, and trying to make sense of, his new surroundings. Even though he’s an AI, he has some very human reflections on pain. We get some more details about Earth in this future, and I love the worldbuilding through the lens of an AI who’s never been on Earth, and has just seen it from thousands of miles away in space.

Chain of Being, 15 – Do you stand alone? (Note: I appear in this episode). We last saw Adam in a very tense situation a couple of episodes ago, and here he’s made to re-evaluate his past and the consequences of his actions. There’s also an interesting consequence of this universe on old technology.

The Mountain’s Heart, Day 10 – Breaks and Breakthroughs. After last episode’s discovery, Felisa meets the other side of her family. It doesn’t go well, and her heartbreak is palpable. However, she does gain some more insight into the mountain, and what it holds.

We Know None, 02 – Unwanted Guests. Gwen plays another recording of Frankie, this time from when she went to explore an abandoned hotel. The fair folk are a big part of Welsh folklore, and I was delighted to see them represented in this episode.

Jar of Rebuke, S1E5 – Perfect Attendance. Jared investigates school, which is said to be haunted by the ghost of a teacher. It’s a very unnerving experience for him, and it’s stuck with me since listening to the episode. I’m really curious as to what’s really going on.

Out of Place, Entry #002: Surprise. And what a surprise that was… I’m fascinated by these artifacts from different Earths, and how they could’ve been created. There’s so much here that we’ve only seen the surface of, and I can’t wait to learn more.

Witchever Path, Catamount Part Two: Uninvited Guests. We meet some strange neighbours, and there’s a gruesome discovery. Things are getting a lot more dangerous in Catamount. This does what Witchever Path does very well, as it deals with tough topics such as racism and xenophobia in a story about creatures and elements from folklore or myths.

Me and AU, 8 – Coming Up Next. Awooooo! Me and AU is back after its brief hiatus, and it’s Canada Day. I’m so excited for Kate, I was absolutely internally cheering for her!

The Magnus Archives, MAG 184 – Like Ants. Oh boy, those sound effects really were stuff of nightmares. There was a different perspective to everything this week, which made the hopelessness of living in this new world really hit home.

Y2K, Episode 43 – October 23-31, 2000. (Note: I play Emma in Y2K). I love the intermingling of past and present in Y2K, especially as the show’s gone on. This week we saw Kat’s professional development, how Jess’ life is gradually changing, and Olivia had a very interesting conversation with a character we know from 2000.

Paired,  S3E4 – Games on Maria’s Phone. Open the game! I loved Pairy’s voice so much, as she took two roommates through a roleplaying game. I really want some cheddar popcorn now, though.

Trailers and Prologues

Hauntingly Humdrum is a slice-of-life Halloween anthology series created by Shade Oyemakinwa, (creator of Come On In, The Water’s Fine) and features many members of the audio fiction community. Episode one is due to be released on October 25th.

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