Audio Fiction Sunday 11th October 2020

Personal highlights

Shifts, Ocean Spray. There’s a complete change of tone. Even when Dahlia didn’t know where they were at the beginning, or why they were there, they were still pretty chill about it. Now, the atmosphere and surroundings have completely changed, with a glass sea causing anxiety.

Aishi Online, Episode 21 – Allegiance. The title of the show conveys the complex online dynamics MJ was dealing with at the time of this story. MJ and Aishi move to another site, but unbeknown to Aishi, MJ is still frequenting Symbolic Myst, and still writing for GiftedDuckling. MJ’s family moves again, but unlike the move we see in season one, it’s to a much shorter distance from where her family was before. There are more excerpts from MJ’s writing, which are growing increasingly sinister.

The Amelia Project, Dogopearances.  A listener-created episode, even the theme music! The Amelia folks have been giving out a number where listeners looking to disappear could leave voicemails, and it turns out some other audio fiction characters asked The Amelia Project for help, too!

Mercury: A Broadcast of Hope, Durability. The Mercury team were celebrating 3 years on the air, with Agnes reflecting on anniversaries and traditional gifts for wedding anniversaries.

Seen and Not Heard, I Got You – This episode is so heartbreaking. There’s one scene in particular which was such a deep, raw kind of emotion, you just have to stop whatever you’re doing and just feel it with Bet.

The Atomic Library, S2 E6 – Going Out. After a short hiatus, The Atomic Library returns with a heartwarming episode. The residents of Haven Hollow are able to go out again, and it looks like the entire library decided to go out to a restaurant. But what’s happened to Dr Brittle’s voice?

The Mountain’s Heart, Day 9 Part 2 – Hidden Truth. Naps are indeed great. The truth behind complicated family dynamics that Felisa has spoken about before comes out, and she gains a new perspective on the trip to the mountain.

Inn Between, Weird in the Woods. In a bonus episode ahead of the new season, Velune is on the run, and we’re introduced to more of their backstory – and a new character.

Paired, S3E2 Memories with Madame Felice. Oh, I love Pairy’s sarcasm so much. In this episode, Pairy, always wanting to help, is Madame Felice’s digital assistant. Madame Felice is a a former ballerina who now runs a ballet school, thanks to a suspiciously tragic backstory.

Less is Morgue, Episode 118 – Camp Nightmare. Riley’s still trying to make things up to Evelyn, and they decide to book a weekend for the two of them at an adult camp. Things get very scary. (CW: misgendering)

Georgie Romero is Done For, Episode 10 – The Podcast Files. Georgie discovers that a local podcast will be discussing her death, and decides to go to talk to them. As she doesn’t remember how she died, this is an opportunity to finally discover what happened.


Circles is a new horror series, produced entirely in lockdown. Four teenagers summoned a demon, and now ten years later, they must deal with the consequences of their actions. We meet the characters, who are now scattered across the world, through a series of phonecalls. They must stay in their circle in order to be safe.

Out of Place is a new show from Midnight Disease Productions (SCP Archives and Lake Clarity, among others). Andrew Moss is an Archivist at the Carruthers institute, where they house and catalogue anthropological objects. One day, he finds a strange skull, sent to the institute by a Mr Havisham.

The Way We Haunt Now comes out in time for Halloween, and the story stars with Eulalie buying a phonograph she can’t afford, and then taking it with her to work, where strange things start to happen.

Trailers and Prologues

Primordial Deep is a show I’ve been very excited about, and released a trailer ahead of episode one, which will come out on Halloween. We’re introduced to two of the characters, and one of them sets a meeting on October 31st.

New Listens

Jar of Rebuke is the audio journal of Dr Jared Hel. He works for The Enclosure, a mysterious organisation which studies supernatural phenomena in a small midwestern town. There’s a lot to Jared that he himself doesn’t remember, and strange things about him that the audience will discover.

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