Audio Fiction Sunday Roundup 4th October 2020

Personal highlights

Shifts, Sea Glass. There’s an interesting change of location, as Dahlia and Blue have reached the sea, and hear a new voice. The plot thickens even further…

We Fix Space Junk, S03E06 – The Phantom Eye. Space Junk goes noir! I loved this episode’s different format, and there were even more impressive cameos from the audio fiction community! The post-credits scenes are always super intriguing, and this week we met a very interesting figure…

The Amelia Project, Episode 26 – T.I.P. This new season is proving to be absolutely wild, even by Amelia standards, and I absolutely love it. The surprises keep on coming, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

The Orphans, Wild Tales: Five Kathryns. The last episode of this Wild Tales miniseries, which was born out of a scriptwriting competition. We see a glimpse of Richard Hart’s life before the Investigation series, when he investigates a death at a care home. Five Kathryns who look after the residents, and it’s a dark look into how life for clones can be in the Collective.

VAST Horizon, Entry 2-10: Remainder. The big season finale. After going through Nora’s past, we reach a flashback explaining how she ended up on the Bifrost. I really loved the contrast between Nolira starting to prepare to leave her old life behind to join the Bifrost in the past, and the evacuation of the Walton in the present. I can’t wait for the next season!

The Penumbra Podcast, 3.17 – Juno Steel and the Heart of It All (Part 1). After a short hiatus, the Penumbra is back, and well. Feelings Jail for all y’all. As the story progresses, you can see what’s going to happen, the breadcrumbs start piling up, but that only makes the ending hurt even more.

Dos: After You, 14. Nature. The Arc II finale. Deck has reached Paris, and meets someone new. We see a very different side to the one we usually see when he’s alone – what will happen now?

Null/Void, 112. So this was the penultimate episode and oh boy, things have really ramped up. I love how the plot’s developed over the course of the season, with events growing more and more sinister. And I love the awesome sound design of this show!

Vega: A Sci-Fi Adventure Podcast!, Episode 10: The One With Kordra. A jaw-dropping twist in another tension-filled episode. And what a cliffhanger! I can’t wait for the next episode!

Wizard Seeking Wizard, S1E2, Rivalry. First of all, I LOVE the theme music. In this episode, wiards are looking for rivals, not love, because every wizard needs a rival, right? Two wizards from the last episode go on a date, and give their thoughts about it.

The Magnus Archives, MAG 181 – Ignorance. A very interesting episode featuring a character we’d heard so much about through so many statements… and he is living his best apocalypse. It was an interesting perspective not only on this new world that Jon and Martin are travelling though, but the show as a whole.

Welcome to Night Vale, 175 – The October Monologues. The September and April Monologues are two of those Night Vale episodes I see mentioned by listeners time and time again, and I was excited to see that same format return for the show’s 175th episode. 

Disenchanted, Episode 14 – Is it Maybe Haunted? Lyra starts to seriously accept that her house is haunted, but why is it haunted? And what does the ghost want from her? This was the penultimate episode in the season, and I am Concerned about what will happen in the finale.

Y2K, Episode 40: October 1-8, 2000. (Disclaimer: I play Emma in Y2K). Y2K deals with some hard-hitting and powerful themes, and shines a light on domestic violence and psychological abuse. This was another episode where that came to the forefront.

Hughes and Mincks: Ghost Detectives, Boo-Mate. Okay, so I play Stella in this episode, but I really wanted to include it, as it was such a lovely, tender script. One thing I love about fiction podcasts that deal with ghosts is that they’re often humanised, they’re not scary or an evil presence, sometimes they’re just the person they used to be. That’s very much the case here, as Stella has to deal with her ghost roommate, Guto.

Solutions to Problems, Episode 28: Be As Average As Possible – A Dating Special. Yup, it’s an episode dealing with the dating problems, and some are definitely more on the unusual side!

The Milkman of St Gaff’s, Episode 3: The Man from D.O.L.A. D.O.L.A is the Department of Lactic Affairs, and Howie has to help out with a strange mission involving their visitor. Some strange details from Howie’s past also emerge, but there’s still a lot left to uncover about Howie and this strange society.

Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services, Case Thirty Two: Listen. Oh, this was delightful, I’m so here for animals in audio fiction. Eldritch, Kalila’s familiar, is broadcasting his radio show for familiars, Ask Eldritch. And there’s also Nala, Clarence’s dog!

Station Arcadia, 3. Clear Blue Water. I love the differences between the different societies we’ve met so far. This week, solarpunk, focusing on politics and pollution, on a series of islands.


Witchever Path is back with a new arc titled Catamount. Set in a college town of the same name in Vermont, we meet a recent arrival, a surgeon at an animal hospital. There are rumours of a predator hunting pets, and she has to operate on a severely injured dog. I’m very excited to hear MJ Bailey of Miscellany Media Studios in a new role!

Paired released the first full episode of its third season. A hilarious return with some epic puns, and it picks up from the shock at the end of the last season. There are also some brilliant meta references by Pairy, and an explanation of this season’s format.


The Spooky Sapphic Storyteller recently launched, and they have just extended their crowdfunding campaign.

Affinities is described as “a queer, romantic, magical fiction podcast”. They’re currently crowdfunding, ahead of their planned launch in early 2021.

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