Audio Fiction Sunday Roundup 27th September 2020

Personal highlights

Shifts, Everything in Its Right Place. It’s not just Dahlia’s environment that’s changing, as they noted last week, but their friend Blue is also changing. It’s very intriguing, and makes me wonder what’s controlling this strange world Dahlia found themself in.

Moonbase Theta, Out: Before The Moon – Episode 7: Escape. The last in the Before The Moon miniseries, and a special final episode, providing a new and…unexpected perspective of life on Earth. Well played, folks, well played!

Aishi Online, Episode 20 – Meaning. The mix of stories from the past and the present continue, with MJ talking about some of her experiences writing this year. There are more exerpts of the story MJ posted on Symbolic Myst, and more details come out about GiftingDuckling’s influence.

International Podcast Month, S3E20 – Whispers of the Feed. Aishi Online wasn’t the only time we heard from MJ Bailey this week, as there was a special The Oracle of Dusk episode for International Podcast Month. I’m a big fan of MJ’s work, and I loved the concept of Delphi trying to reach out to protagonists of MJ’s other three podcasts.

Relativity, 60. And this is it, the big series finale. I audibly gasped at the beginning, it was just incredible, and then it was surprise after surprise for the rest of the episode! It was a wonderful, beautiful finale, and I was in floods of tears!

The Path Down, S1E2 – More Than A Feeling. I’ve mentioned before that I studied Dante at university, so I had a good chuckle at this episode. We see Nessa navigating college, and her powers – and the problems the combination of the two can create.

Seen and Not Heard, Fine. Oh, I love the sound design of this show so much! There was Rosh Hashanah dinner, and Bet having to spend more time with her family, and a surprise meeting. I loved the heartwarming ending.

The Orphans, Wild Tales: The Switch. A work environment where natural-borns and clones work together, and the consequences it can create. This examination of unlikely bonds between characters is one of the things The Orphans does best, and it was quite the rollercoaster of emotion!

Voidless, 09- Escape. A tension-filled final episode of this season’s first half. I loved the “aesthetic as hell” line!

Dos: After You, 13 – Wind.  A new character and a new perspective. After all other episodes had only featured Deck, here we have a friend trying to get hold of him.

Y2K, 39 – September 25-30, 2000. (Disclaimer: I play Emma in Y2K). A really emotional performance from Kirsty Woolven as Olivia, and a beautiful song.

Less is Morgue, Episode 117 – The Tell-Tale Heartache. Poor Evelyn. Here we have the aftermath of last episode’s heartbreak, with Riley trying to help Evelyn feel better…in a typically Riley way.

Forgive Me!, 1.02 – Not a Fan of the Pig. Well, that confession went to a place. Father Ben certainly has his work cut out for him with this new congregation!

Mission Rejected, 208 – Three Days of the Condo. Skip is… well, we find out where he is and what he’s up to. I loved the heartwarming scenes in this episode! And a Sarah Rhea Werner cameo, I see that Girl in Space reference!

Novitero, Episode Eighteen – The Starluxe Gala pt. 2. My reaction at the end of the episode was “WELL”. Where does our ragtag band of space pirates go to from here?

Hughes and Mincks: Ghost Detectives, Two Audio Drama Characters in Search of Their Authors. The fictional Hughes and Mincks meet the real-life Sophs and Caroline. Things get very meta, and very funny. I laughed so hard at one line I had to pause the episode!


The Devil Hates Mondays. Episode One was originally originally released in March, before production had to be paused, and after a re-release of that episode on the 7th of September, episode two, titled It’s Always 6:66 Here was released this week.

The Amelia Project, Episode 25 – Tatiana Gurkovsky. The first full-length episode of season three, and the die has decided the course of action. Their client is an escapologist, who already has a plan, but needs Amelia Project’s help to escape. There was a big surprise, and I’m really excited to see where this season will go!

Trailers and Prologues

We Know None. At the end of this week’s episode of Voidless, there was a trailer for Trailer Calliopic Productions’ new show. We Know None is a paranormal mystery about a missing person, coming in October.

Paired released Prelude: Old & New, ahead of their third season. There’s a story about the future, and it’s a very different episode to what we saw in the last two seasons.

The Way We Haunt Now released their trailer ahead of their first episode on October 10th. We see the ghostly aftermath of a trip to a thrift store.

Casting Calls

Y2K is casting for season two! Yes, it’s coming back, and as a member of the cast, I’m so excited to continue this story!

The Primordial Deep is casting for The Syndicate, a limited series set in The Primordial Deep universe.

Margaret’s Garden is a new upcoming show from Midnight Disease (Lake Clarity, The Enoch Saga, and Aftershocks) and they have a casting call out voice actors.

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