Audio Fiction Sunday Roundup 20th September 2020

Personal highlights

Shifts, Code Blue. I’ve mentioned before how much I’ve been enjoying how the details of Dahlia’s environment have been gradually coming together, and in this new episode there was a strange change. Did someone mention steampunk? Now I’m extremely interested.

Oz 9, episode fourty-five – Who doesn’t love a decorative bunting? First of all, shout out to Oz 9 for their wonderfully creative episode titles! Among the usual shenanigans the crew got up to, there were some… pretty big discoveries. Yikes.

Relativity, 59. The penultimate episode of the entire show! And wow, it contained twists I never expected! What was that ending?? (Oh, and nice Oz 9 reference, ha!)

We Fix Space Junk, S03E05 – The Tank. Kilner, Samantha, and Dax have to deal with something that’s got loose on the ship. Something very dangerous… I love the cameos that pop up in this show, and this episode included two voices from one of my favourite shows, Copperheart. And the intros are getting more and more ominous this season again!

The Orphans, Wild Tales: Where’s My Pear. I was delighted to hear from fan favourites Richard Hart, Diana Strange, and Axel (aka the RAD Family!) from The Orphans’ last full season, Investigation; and it was a glimpse of their life together during a more quiet moment.

VAST Horizon, Entry 2-09: The Choices We Make. We’re hurtling towards the season finale, and events continue to take a very dark turn. This is another show where I love seeing cameos from folks within the podcasting community, and there was one voice in particular I was delighted to hear in an episode of a fiction podcast!

Dining In The Void, 1. Jupiter’s Log: Orders. Another mini episode ahead of the upcoming second season of the show, and we’re introduced to another new character. There’s a really interesting glimpse at the universe outside of the spaceship, and the effect the celebrities disappearances have had.

Disenchanted, Episode 13 – Sounds from the Attic (Again). Lyra gets a slightly weird visit from her aunt, and there’s the suggestion of family secrets that she has no idea about.

Vega: A Sci-Fi Adventure Podcast!, Episode 10, The One Where The Protagonists Play. And we are straight back into the story with absolutely no intro or preamble or anything, with an episode full of tension and conflict.

Alba Salix, Enter The Brain Castle and It’ll All End In Tears. Two more mini episodes, the first featuring fever-dream type manifestations, after Magnus got into a cabinet he shouldn’t have touched. And the second featuring a…dragon opera?

Me and AU, 7. Super Fine. The level of awkward in this episode! But Kate’s fine, absolutely fine, super fine, nothing’s wrong at aaalll.

Hughes and Mincks: Ghost Detectives, Minisode 3: Mug Shot. This was a crossover with The Amelia Project, which I was very excited about! The Interviewer accidentally leaves a voicemail on Hughes and Mincks’ phone, and it’s a lot of fun!

Solutions to Problems, Episode 27: Adorable In The Most Horrifying Way. Back in their own universe, Janet and Loaf host an episode which revolves around the themes of parenting. In the studio there’s also Janet’s mum, and one of Loaf’s broodlings (I’m still laughing at that name!).

Station Arcadia, 2. What the War Left Behind. This week’s stories come from a dieselpunk society, including one about a man riding a diesel-powered metal horse in a war-torn Empire, searching for his fiancé. I love the world-building in this show, and the contrast between the two different societies we’ve seen so far.

The Milkman of St Gaff’s, Numbers. The aftermath of the previous episode’s events, which are made only more eerie by the characters’ reactions to it; and there are more details about the sinister society this island is a part of. Howie is also assigned a new task, which is what the episode title refers to…

The One Stars, 1.06 – The Hole Thing. In an interesting twist in the season finale, the show comes from a universe where star ratings hadn’t been invented – or does it? The One Star News Network covers the news story about a large hole that’s appeared.

Trailers and Prologues

The Amelia Project released a prologue ahead of their third season, titled Winklepicker. It picks up right from the end of the last season, with a huge decision to be made, in true Amelia style…

Paired released a trailer for their upcoming third season. I’m a big fan of Paired, and I’m very curious about the new format the show’s account tweeted about a few days prior to the trailer’s release!

New Listens

Dos: After You. A horror/urban fantasy podcast released in both English and Spanish. Deck fell in love with Sil, who isn’t human. Deck is now is making recordings for Sil, as he’s crossing Europe to find him, when the continent is starting to re-open. But Deck has some very sinister intentions.

Temujin. I’d heard a lot of (very well-deserved!) praise for Temujin recently, and it was also the show that was featured in Radio Drama Revival this past fortnight. Temujin is an adaptation of The Secret History of the Mongols, and told from the point of view of Genghis Khan’s sworn enemy, Jamukha, on what might be his last night alive.

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