Audio Fiction Sunday Roundup 13th September 2020

A huge thank you to The Audio Fiction Weekly for featuring my blog in this week’s newsletter! Hello new readers! Every Sunday I post a summary of some of the fiction podcasts I’ve enjoyed listening to over the past week, and some news from the community.

Personal highlights

Shifts, Petal to the Metal. Microfiction is a great way of introducing new pieces of a character’s environment, and this is what this episode did, with these jigsaw pieces making the story even more intriguing!

Aishi Online, Episode 19 – Disappearances. This wasn’t the first Miscellany Media show to deal with the pandemic (there were also references to it in the last season of The Oracle of Dusk), and there were some very relatable reflections on writing during quarantine in this episode. There were also some very big details from MJ’s background that hadn’t been discussed before, giving us a new perspective on the story.

Relativity, 58. Oh, I was genuinely crying towards the end of this episode. With the end in sight it was inevitable, but it was still so sad!

The Milkman of St Gaff’s, Files and Flies. The second episode of this fantasy/horror podcast, and things have got a lot darker. There are more details about this surreal world, and an unexplained event. (CW: death, body horror)

Voidless, 06 – Plans. The penultimate episode in the first part of the season, and there’s a dilemma. There was also an exciting new project teased in the outro!

Mercury: A Broadcast of Hope,  Fiddleback Hollow. Max talked about his discovery of a new community, but the team is unsure if they’re a danger or not from their name. It really added to the sense of isolation the team has been experiencing for nearly a year.

The Magnus Archives, MAG 178 – The Processing Line. This episode gave me such a sense of dread in the pit of my stomach, and there was a very ominous ending to the episode. (List of content warnings in the episode notes)

Less Is Morgue, Episode 116 – Tenderhearted in Tallahassee. Someone please figure out how to give Evelyn a hug! This was a very different episode to Less is Morgue’s usual vibe, and so heartbreaking!

Novitero, Episode Seventeen – The Starluxe Gala pt. 1. The beginning of the event this season has been building up to, and an opportunity for us to see Cesa dealing with people from what now feels like a previous life. I loved the banter, too!

Whispering, S1E4 – Whispering: 4. The search for Kore, who’s having a great time in the underworld. I love the lush sound design of this show, vividly depicting the different domains of the gods.


Seen and Not Heard released their first full episode, after four prologues which had introduced us to the main character of Bet, who is deaf. In Darts, we see her at a family meal, and the aftermath of it.


Quid Pro Euro is back for its second season. I loved the first season of this EU mockumentary, and was really curious as to where season two would go after the end of it, but I love this new format!

Trailers and Prologues

Unseen released a second trailer on Twitter, featuring their full cast.

Casting Calls

Shade Oyemakinwa, creator of Come On In, The Water’s Fine, is creating a slice-of-life Halloween anthology show, and has posted a casting call for cast and crew.


Creep is an upcoming show from Mel Hartman, the creator of Disenchanted, and they’re currently running a crowdfunding campaign to fund seasons one and two.


It’s Audio Verse Awards time of year again! Until September 30th, the public can nominate their favourite fiction podcasts, creators, and voice actors from the past year.

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