Audio Fiction Sunday Roundup 6th September 2020

Erm, so this might be a bit of a long post…

Personal highlights

Sidequesting, Into The Cavern. Sidequesting is always so lovely, and this is absolutely no exception. On their journey, Rion decides to stay in a cavern overnight, and makes an unexpected friend.

Mercury: A Broadcast of Hope, An Unexpected Visitor. One third of the Mercury team, Max O’Brien, had been missing for three weeks. This was his return, walking in on a broadcast in true Max style! I was delighted to see him back, and his kidnapping by a cult is a really interesting insight into the post-apocalyptic world of Mercury.

Relativity, 57. In true Relativity style, there was a surprise ending, but what I appreciated the most with this week’s episode was the bittersweet feeling of time passing. People have become closer, relationships and dynamics have changed, and the end is almost in sight.

We Fix Space Junk, S03E04 – Relaxing at The Perfecticon Spa. As the title suggests, this episode is set in a spa, which is not what you’d really expect from a show that focuses on two repairpeople who are sent all around the universe to fix things. But what happens if this spa is too perfect?

VAST Horizon, Entry 2-08: Hostage (Disclaimer: I’m in this episode!). Nolira sets out to follow the orders she’s been given, and there’s a strange communication.

The Orphans, Wild Tales: Analysis. I do believe the phrase is feelings jail. This episode is such a great example of what the show does best, tension, emotions, and the inevitable heartbreak.

Disenchanted, Episode 12 – Checking In. So now in her definitely not haunted house, Lyra has a definitely not creepy phone. Cool cool cool.

Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services, Case Thirty: Song. A character who was addicted to the stage – to being heard. This episode really struck a chord with me, and gave me a lot to think about.

Vega: A Sci-Fi Adventure Podcast!, Episode 9: The One with Zaxby Honneray. Since the huge event at the end of episode 6, Vega has been dealing with the aftermath. And in this episode, we meet the bad guy. I’ve really been enjoying the different style of narration, and how much it effects the tone of the story.

Alba Salix, Holly and The Pigeon and The Perfect Crime. Two more minisodes, this time by Beth Crane (We Fix Space Junk) and Maxamillian John (Definitely Human). There’s a hilarious case of mistaken identity, and cake crimes.

In Beacween. I love podcast crossovers, and this is an epic movie-length Inn Between x The Beacon crossover! Team Super Magic land in Inn Between’s DnD inspired world, and must figure out a way to get back home.

Me and AU, 6. Hot Frog. Selkirk, the in-universe TV show which the story of Me and AU revolves around, goes on hiatus, but Kate and Ella get closer.

Solutions to Problems, Episode 26: Extremely Mundane Dragons. I’ve really enjoyed how much Solutions to Problems has evolved since the show started. This week, we’re in another alternate universe, trying to solve Loaf and Janet’s problems on an alternate version of their own radio show.

Hughes and Mincks: Ghost Detectives, A Dance With Death. First of all, the puns are always excellent with this show. There are two huge cameos in this episode, and as a massive Wolf 359 fan, I loved it!

International Podcast Month, S3E4 – AD: Trial by Fire. A Sidequesting x Inn Between crossover for IPM, and another Inn Between crossover this week! This was a continuation of the current Sidequesting storyline, but it was really interesting having an episode with a different vibe to what we usually see in Sidequesting. There was one particular part of the sound design that I loved, too.


Station Arcadia is a show I’ve been excited about, particularly because I love all things steampunk, and this week they launched their episode 1, titled By The Wayside. There was a story about a scavenger, and the station also wanted to show glimpses of that same cyberpunk world.


Civilized, a improvised dark comedy, returned for their third season. Rewind is a flashback episode, with some intriguing differences to the characters we’ve seen in the previous two seasons.

The Magnus Archives returned after a short break, with an episode titled Wonderland. This week’s statement focused on fears surrounding mental health issues, and especially treatment and hospitalisation. (Please read the content warnings, and take care of yourselves.)

Casting Calls

Someone Dies in This Elevator has a casting call out for voice actors.

Fireside Folktales is casting for its upcoming second season.


Two Flat Earthers Kidnap a Freemason is an upcoming podcast from Good Pointe (The Subjective Truth, The One Stars), and they’ve just launched their crowdfunding campaign for the show.

Valence is crowdfunding for its second season on Indiegogo.

Unseen are into the last few days of their crowdfunding campaign, and their next stretch goal is an April Fool’s Day special, written by Jordan Cobb (Janus Descending, Here Be Dragons).

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