Audio Fiction Sunday Roundup 30th August

Personal highlights

Aishi Online, Episode 18: Words. We’re introduced to a new character from this time in MJ’s life, and GiftedDuckling is very similar to a character MJ spoke a lot about last season, which makes for some very interesting parallels. MJ also reads excerpts from the fantasy story she posted on the now-dead website that’s the setting for this season – Symbolic Myst.

Dining In The Void, 3. Cassie: Star and Song. The third mini episode in the run-up to the show’s second season. There’s more information about the Family, and we see just how much of a terrifying character Cassie is.

Voidless, Lore. For an episode titled Lore, it really does what it says on the tin! I’m really enjoying how much the universe of this show has expanded, and the contrasting backgrounds and experiences of the two characters in this episode.

Relativity, 56. There’s a… walk, of a kind. Relativity does love its cliffhangers (which makes it very easy to listen to, as I discovered a few months ago!), and this episode’s ending was such a shock!

Y2K, 35. (Disclaimer: I play Emma in Y2K). One thing I really like about Y2K is seeing the past and present come together almost like jigsaw pieces, building up the complete picture. This week was a brilliant example of that, as Olivia talked with someone she knew very well.

Less Is Morgue, 115: Anti-Social Networks. I love seeing just how wild each new episode of Less is Morgue is, and this week Riley and Evelyn tried out an… interesting new app.

The One Stars, 1.05: No Magic Allowed on the Show. Some of the one star reviews featured are not from out universe, but there are some that can be very relatable. There was one of a beach this week which brought back a lot of childhood memories!


The Milkman of St Gaff’s is a new fantasy sci-fi horror, about a young man who decides to become a milkman on the island of St Gaff’s. I’m really intrigued by the contrast between the everyday job Howie takes on, and the sinister undertones of life on the island.

Wizard Seeking Wizard is a comedy show produced in lockdown, featuring personal ads from wizards, and presented by Chemistro the Match Mage. It’s funny, touching, and earnest, and there was one part of a letter that particularly struck a chord with me.

Forgive Me! is a new sitcom from the team behind Windfall, which could hardly be any different to that show! Father Ben has a new congregation, and we learn about them through their confessions. This week, a lady confesses “the usual”.

Swiss and Lali Hijack Hollywood is a new sitcom from the creator of Rose Drive. As with the trailers, it’s very meta and self-aware, with throwaway references to it being a podcast included in the script.

Trailers and Prologues

The Way We Haunt Now released a teaser ahead of their first episode on October 10th. It’s a concept that personally appeals to me a lot, a woman haunted by things from her past, like paths not taken and failed relationships, who has to now face being properly haunted.


The Orphans is back, with a miniseries produced in lockdown. The scripts were chosen through a competition they ran a few months ago, and this week the first of the Wild Tales was released, with a very interesting story!

Within The Wires returned for its fifth season. This season is titled Voicemail, and is the story of Indra and Nan’s relationship – told in reverse chronological order.

New Listens

Chain of Being is a show I discovered this week, after the show account followed me on Twitter. Cai Gwilym Pritchard is an 18 year old student who has created an incredibly rich universe, with a story that combines sci-fi and spirituality.

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