Audio Fiction Sunday Roundup 23rd August

Personal highlights

VAST Horizon, Entry 2-07: Ambition. I’ve really been enjoying how this season of VAST Horizon has been getting progressively more sinister, and this week there was a shocking new threat, completely out of the blue.

Relativity, 55. Relativity has not been messing around with what are the last few episodes of the entire series! This certainly was an episode of two halves, and a very unexpected revelation.

Null/Void, 110. I’ve really been enjoying this show, which centres around a sinister tech company, and without spoiling anything, I have many thoughts about this episode in particular.

Me and AU, 5: Everything’s Fine. I’ve mentioned before how relatable I’ve found this show, which follows two fanfic writers in a niche fandom. This episode involved Kate reading a fic by Ella, and I loved all the very relatable reactions of ‘go directly to jail’ and ‘how dare you!’.

Brimstone Valley Mall, 09: Happy Y2K, Part 1 & 10: Happy Y2K, Part 2. The two-part finale of its first season, and everything has been building up to this, New Year’s Eve, the dawn of a new millennium. I loved the audio fiction cameos!

Hughes and Mincks, Minisode 2: Passing Through. This is a crossover with Light Hearts, and I love crossovers. This was particularly great, as Caroline Mincks is one of the co-creators and voice actors for both shows!


And speaking of Caroline Mincks, they’ve launched a new microfiction show called Shifts. Dahlia wakes up in an unknown place, with no memory of how they got there, and they’re surprisingly fine with it. Oh, and there’s a clock in the sky.

The Path Down released episode one this week, with Vanessa starting her first year of college. It also introduced us to the supernatural powers she has, and how she has to deal with them. As someone who loved studying Dante at university, I was easily won over!


Vega is back! I have been ridiculously excited about this show’s return. Two episodes were released this week, episodes 7 & 8, the first ones in the second half of its first season. I loved the contrasts between the events in these two episodes, and I’m really excited to see what happens next!

Trailers and Prologues

Forgive Me!. I missed this last week, and making a pun about being asked to be forgiven is just too easy! This is a new sitcom from the team behind the amazing Windfall, about a pastor who leaves his congregation for a new church.

Casting calls

Copperheart is casting its upcoming miniseries, Bunker Stories. This will be series of mini episodes set in the wider world of the GL51 and EL27 bunkers we see in the show, to be released before the big season one finale.

Atypical Artists, the team behind The Bright Sessions and its spinoff shows, are casting for their upcoming romcom, Life with Leo(h).


Alba Salix are crowdfunding via multiple means for their upcoming season 3. They also released two mini episodes this week, one of which was written by guest writer Jordan Cobb (creator of Janus Descending and Here Be Dragons).

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