Audio Fiction Sunday Roundup 9th August 2020

Here’s a quick summary of some of the shows I’ve been listening to this week, and some news from the audio fiction community.

Personal highlights

Mockery Manor, 10a: Bonded by Blood (Part One). This is the first part of a huge season finale, and things have got really tense at the theme park! I can’t wait for the conclusion!

VAST Horizon, Entry 2-06 Captive Audience. There have been some huge revelations this season, and this episode was no exception!

Unwell, 2.12 The Broken Moat. Unwell’s season 2 finale really went in a shocking direction I wasn’t expecting! I’ve really enjoyed this season, exploring more of Mt. Absalom and some of its more…unusual inhabitants.

Exoplanetary: Special – I Feel Fine. I was really excited to see a new Exoplanetary episode pop up in my podcatcher, and this is such a fascinating one. In a ‘side-step’ story, this episode follows a cyborg on a dying Earth.


We Fix Space Junk is back for its third full season! Episode one, The Lift, picks up right where we left the characters at the end of season 2. I’ve been a huge fan ever since I found the show, and I’m so glad it’s back!

Trailers and Prologues

Seen and Not Heard released its fourth and final prologue, titled An Extremely Jewish Answer. It’s a very touching episode, where Bet goes to talk to her rabbi.

Station Arcadia released their second trailer, ahead of episode one’s release on September 4th 2020. Station Arcadia features stories from steampunk, dieselpunk, solarpunk and cyberpunk societies in a dystopian world, told through a radio station. In this trailer, the Host meets the Station.

Swiss and Lali Hijack Hollywood released a trailer titled What Is This, which appeared in the Rose Drive feed. From the same creator, this promises to be a very different show, about two accidental con artists in Hollywood. And the trailer itself is very meta and very fun!

Catching Up

Facing Fate. I am woefully behind on so many great actual play shows! Facing Fate is from Dumb Dragons Productions, the team behind Dumbgeons and Dragons. Season one is Luna Corp, set on the moon, and uses the Fate Core system. (CW for infectious diseases)

Casting calls

Sidequesting is looking for guest writers, and are especially looking for writers of colour.

Less is Morgue is also looking for guest writers for their comedy horror show.

Fireside Folktales have a casting call for a genderfluid actor of colour for season 2.

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