Audio Fiction Sunday Roundup 2nd August 2020

Personal highlights

Moonbase Theta, Out: Before The Moon Episode 3, Where the Heart – Before The Moon is a mini-series focusing on the characters of MTO as they prepare to leave Earth to work on Base Theta. This is a glimpse of Roger and Alex’s home life – there’s tension, as they’re spending a lot of time apart even before Alex’s departure, but here are a lot of very beautiful and emotional moments.

Relativity 52 – Relativity is on its final 10 episode run, and this week’s episode dropped a huge revelation! I’m very interested to see where the story goes before the end of the series.

Voidless 03 Journey – The first podcast from Welsh-based Calliopic Productions. Rebel Captain Elysse Glasse is separated from her team, and has to find her way home from the empty void of space. This episode introduces more lore from the universe, and the episode ends with a shock!

Light Hearts Writing the Story with Sawyer Greene – This show is so adorable. Set in a queer community space, this episode focuses on two men who frequent it, and an open mic night they both perform at.


Whispering, the first season of Fireside Folktales, released episode 1 on the 1st of August. This season is a retelling of a story from Greek mythology, featuring Kore, the goddess of cultivation, and the underworld. The writing and sound design create such a gorgeous, lush world.


Aishi Online returned for their second season. The story has moved on from the Funhouse Hallway game of season 1, to a website where people could post their fiction – another site that no longer exists.

Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services is back for their third and final season. This first episode deals with changes, and the issues change can cause, in an episode I personally found very helpful.

Other News

Oblivity have created a game! The online escape game, set in the universe of the show, challenges players to discover what happened to the missing team of Research Base Persephone. The game is £5 to buy (Kickstarter backers get it for free), and until 31st August, 50% of proceeds go to the Old Fire Station in Oxford – an arts venue, where Oblivity have done live shows in the past.

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