Audio Fiction Sunday Roundup 26th July 2020

This is something I’m going to be trying out, a quick roundup of some of the podcasts I’ve been listening to over the past week, and highlighting some news from the audio fiction community.

Personal highlights

Sidequesting – Equivalent Exchange. Sidequesting is such a delightful show, and I love how each episode always includes new guest voices. Without giving too much away, last Sunday’s episode posed a particular challenge, and I was so impressed at how it came across.

VAST Horizon, Entry 2-05: Obligation. I’ve been fascinated by this dark sci-fi story, and how Nolira’s past has been slowly revealed to us, building a much bigger picture. And what a shock at the end of this episode!

Unwell, 2.11: The Gang Goes In. I’ve been really enjoying this gothic horror story, and I’ve been finding season 2 particularly exciting. This week’s episode ended with quite the shock!

Me and AU, 3: In a World Where… This is the most recent addition to the Procyon Podcast Network, and I really love the show so far. I find the story very relatable, with Kate’s love for a piece of media, and search for community around it.


Relativity is back for its final ten episodes. This is a show I started listening to over the last few months, and I got through it very quickly! I love how the story’s developed and the mystery has deepened, and I’m very excited to see how everything concludes!

Trailers and Prologues

Seen and Not Heard released its second prologue this week, titled Speed Dating. Seen and Not Heard is a story about hearing loss and deaf gain. The main character, Bet, loses her hearing as an adult, and this prologue presents challenges she comes across when trying to date.

Great & Terrible released a prologue titled Summer of ’89 ahead of its next season of 50 episodes. It’s a story about a high school student who is granted immortality, but there are grave consequences to this deal.

Whispering released a new preview ahead of its first full episode next month. Whispering is the first season of Fireside Folktales, and will be an adaptation of the story of Kore and the gods of the Greek Underworld.

The Path Down released their trailer, giving us a preview of two first-year university students dealing with superpowers, grief, and their own inner demons.

New listens

I got caught up with The Rest is Electric this week, a sci-fi podcasts set in a world where humans and robots work side-by-side in the workplace.

I listened to the first season of Remainder, a story about life in a world set decades after annihilation. It’s a fascinating story of conflict, danger, and struggles to rebuild society. I will, however, echo the content warning given in the show for references to viruses and communicable diseases.

Casting calls

Dreambound are casting for season one. Before crowdfunding for a full season, Dreambound released a prologue, introducing the sci-fi/fantasy premise of being stuck within a video game. Deadline 11:59PM PST, August 20th, 2020.

Sidequesting are opening their casting again, looking for new voices for future episodes. Deadline September 1st 2020.


Moonbase Theta Out, are crowdfunding for their upcoming third season. They are looking to raise funds in order to pay their cast, which has grown from one actor in season 1, to a cast of 28 in season 3.

Signed, Venus are raising funds for Part II of their story on their Ko-fi. The show is a road trip with a difference – a hunt for a mysterious writer, in a country where travel is taboo.

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