Vega: A Sci-Fi Adventure Podcast!

So get comfortable, my friend. Break out the Capri Sun, secure your Haribo gummy bears, because here. We. Go.”

Vega is a sci-fi podcast written, performed, and edited by Ivuoma Okoro. In a futuristic world, Vega Rex is an assassin, employed by her government in order to kill the world’s worst supercriminals.

Before introducing Vega to us, Okoro starts off by introducing the person who will become her victim – Dr Drake Mukro. His shady dealings in synthetic organs have led to the deaths of hundreds of people, and Vega has been sent to kill him. About halfway into episode 1, when Mukro is on his way home after an interview, a woman quietly and unassumingly slides into the story. That is, until she strikes. It’s only after Mukro’s assassination that Okoro confirms that the killer is indeed Vega. 

Vega isn’t any old ‘hunter’, she holds several records for assassinations. There is no other hunter like her, and she knows it. But, towards the end of episode 1, things start to go very wrong. From here, the story progresses to a nightclub, with Vega searching for an apprentice she didn’t want. Here rooms have been rented out by gods, and are packed with their followers. This collection of gods, going from a volcano god to a flower god, might initially seem more like a typical element of fantasy stories. Here they have a very futuristic twist, and are a part of a fascinating element of Okoro’s wonderfully rich world-building. Everywhere you turn, there’s such an incredible amount of detail. One element that comes to my mind every time I think of the show is the gorgeous clothing the incredibly wealthy characters have. The descriptions are so vivid that you can see the gems sparkling in the light.

The actual story of Vega is only a part of what makes this podcast so gripping. Okoro is an absolutely incredible storyteller. Right from the beginning of episode 1 she sweeps you up and brings you along on this rollercoaster of a story. I love the enthusiasm and energy she has for her story. Even for a fiction podcast, it feels incredibly personal. Episode 1 begins with an immediate connection with the listener. A phone call, between you and Okoro. You’re bored, you have half an hour to kill, so she’s going to tell you a story. “Who on planet Earth doesn’t love a good story?” Okoro asks. And she has a story that she’s been dying to tell. 

There are six episodes available so far, with the show due to return for the second part of season one on the 19th of August 2020. I am very excited for the return of Vega, and the continuation of her story!

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